Jazzy N Mumbos

We are a 100% volunteer run non-profit thrift store

FINALLY, a place for pet owners to come when they need help with the furry family member! We are a place where you can come to, that may help you with anything pertaining to your pet(s) when you need it.





If we do not sell the donated items, we do not have funds to help.

We are 100% volunteer run non-profit thrift store...

We are a place for pet owners to come in and ask for help with unexpected expenses or if the unexpected happens:

Jazzy & Mumbos may help with the cost of ...

We may help with a percentage of the billing.

Pet owners NEED to pay for the office visit / exam!

We no longer help with spay & neuter as that is something you know you will need to do when getting a pet. If you are in need, please call Minnkota Paaws @ 701-356-0523. We do help with an emergency spay if the pet is in a life or death situation.

Jazzy & Mumbos' Goal:

To get the animal the help it needs, when they need it. Just because the owner can't afford the simple things, doesn't mean their pet needs to suffer. In order to help them, we will do everything in our power to make sure the owner of that animal, has some place to go, to get the help they need, if and when they need it.

You can bring your unwanted cans to Minkota Recycling and tell them to put it on the Jazzy & Mumbos Thrift Store account.

Another new way to help Jazzy & Mumbos: